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Hot Tub - Terms of Use

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Hot Tub - Terms of Use and Safety Guidelines

The hot tubs to the cottages are very special and provide a special place to relax but there are some very important safety issues that guests need to be aware of .

It is a legal requirement that we make you aware of the health and safety guidelines before using the hot tub and it is the responsibility of the named person on the booking to ensure that all guests, in their group, have read and comply with the Terms of Use and safety instructions before and whilst using the hot tub.

  • Please take a hot shower before using the hot tub.  It is important that the contaminants which can affect the water quality;  such as deodorants, make-up, moisturisers, hair products, be removed before use. 
  • The recommended safe usage time in the hot tub is 20 minutes and it is recommended that bathers do not use the hot tub alone.
  • Bathers should leave the water after this time to cool down before returning for another brief stay. 
  • Long exposure increases the risk of hyperthermia which can occur when the internal temperature of the body reaches several degrees above the normal body temperature of 36.9C.
  • Symptoms of hyperthermia include drowsiness and lethargy, nausea, dizziness or fainting.The effects of hyperthermia include unawareness of impending hazard, failure to perceive heat, and physical inability to exit the hot tub.
  • Anyone with heart disease, diabetes, epilepsy, high or low blood pressure, pregnant women, - should NOT use the hot tub without prior consultation with their doctor.
  • Please report any illnesses following hot tub usage. This is extremely important if pneumonia-like symptoms are experienced.
  • The maximum number of bathers is 2
  • Do not use the hot tub whilst under the influence of alcohol, drugs or medication that can cause drowsiness or that raise or lower blood pressure.
  • Do not place any mains electrical appliances near or on the edge of the hot tub.
  • Do not drink the hot tub water.
  • Please do not use the hot tub after 10pm.Loud music must not be played outside after this time.
  • Please use plastic glasses around the hot tub.
  • Please take care when leaving the hot tub as the area may have become wet and slippy.

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